Top 10 Work from Home Jobs That Bring in Cash


No wonder needs cannot be compensated. They will always be there to work on something just to bring some cash on the lap, isn’t? Whether you are working or not working, just a student or living at a home for a while looking for something, that brings you some sort of money. If you don’t want to go out and work, but to work from your favorite place sitting in your favorite position, then also you would be needing some online jobs from home king of thing.

In an era of technical advancement, the Internet makes life easier, you don’t need to go anywhere but to work from home. Many sites like freelancer or Upwork, etc. provides a channel to find online jobs from home.

Let’s look out the list that we curated of top 10 work from home jobs for you guys.

1. Data Entry

The compelling and popular job. Various business requires their data to be fed into their system since they have a lot of traffic that comes, whether its customer information or some reporting of marketing or anything. In the data-driven world, where data is everything, data entry jobs are very much popular. All you need to know is the basics of excel and you are ready to go.

2. Online Writer / Content Writers

Many writers write just for fun, but sometimes they want it to get recognized and want to develop their writing skills. Many portals provide these writers a platform to showcase their writing skills, so if you are into writing and want to go ahead and give it a shot just to sitting at home, you can showcase your skills at, etc. If your work gets traffic, you would be getting paid for that too, Meanwhile, there is a lot of demand for writers in various domains, whether it’s in the fashion industry or sports industry or in technical context, everyone outsource their work for writers so they don’t require to come aboard for that, and that’s how you get your writing job by just sitting at wherever you want to be.

3. Travel Agents

Yes, you heard it right. Again since everything, including travel services, has been done online, people don’t want to take the headache of reservations and the baggage that comes with it. They just want the process to be as smooth as possible. Whether it’s a bus or railways or airline services.

So this is also a work from home job for many people, where you just have to be in regular touch with the various commute services and before you know it you are getting a lot of cash, yes a lot, because people travel all the time. Not only reservations but you can also plan the itinerary for them, people love to have things prepared for them already. And with an increase in travel business recently, this is one of the best jobs that could be done from home.

4. Web Developers

Everyone today is starting something. People are moving to work on their things rather than work for some other people. Not only that, everyone is coming online since it’s a medium that connects you with literally everyone. Reach and the business area extends. And with this, the demand for web developers also extended. People will hire you just to make their sites, from simple to complex one, they want the work to be done without actually hiring someone.

5. Transcriptionist

Yes, the world needs people that transcribed not only writings but voices also. In this multilingual world, there are multiple platforms provided to learn languages like Duoling, etc, they want people that transcript from one language to another and this also could be done by sitting on your sofa at home.

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6. Vloggers

Many people are being popular by logging videos of the things that matter. It could be anything from small things to the big one. From how to tie your shoelaces to how to use earplugs, to create content to teach people, or to share with the world your favorite recipe. Everything can be documented as a video and could be posted. Some people pay you for this too. Youtube is a popular medium where people post their travel logs or their songs or how they use something by just sitting at their home and get paid for it as well.

7. Online Teachers

Today people pay for the good stuff. When you could find all your education just sitting at your home, why would you want to go anywhere, isn’t? This increases the popularity of teaching online. If you can create good content, many platforms like udemy, coursera, etc are there where you can showcase your skills and get paid for your content.

8. Food Bloggers

It’s a forte of many people not just to taste the food but the vicinity around it as well, about how well the food was served, how much it worth to spend money, was it worth to spend on quality over quantity, were people there good enough, how the food was? They become a food critic and post that as well. And People today are very conscious of where they are going and how good the place would be both money and taste-wise.

Many companies, hire you just to do that, so if you are a food lover, they would pay you just to visit their restaurant and write something about them as well. These mediums very popular today, mainly on Instagram, if you post pictures about food, give a review to their restaurants, etc, and if you have a nice number of followers, people will hire you just to do that. And You don’t have to go there but in the place, you want and write reviews and get paid for that as well. How cool that sounds, isn’t?

9. Surveys

Many sites give short tasks and get you to pay for it. The initial amount is not that much apparently, but if you have the patience to stick to it long, you will end up earning a lot from them. There are many survey sites, like clixsense, etc that will pay you an amount for the surveys you take for them. They also provide a system of referrals where you also get paid for your referral’s work as well.

10. Virtual Assistant

With many business operating, mostly online, there is a need for virtual Assistants to help them managing and operating tasks efficiently. These virtual assistants are independents contractors who work from remote locations for multiple clients

There is no shortage of work from home jobs for people who would love working while sitting at home but the question is how would you decide where to go and what to decide and how you decide which one to take? Because some online sites made you pay something before even starting anything.

So before going for anything the important thing to do is Research, as much as you can. There are many portals, like quora, that gives you a brief insight and the earlier experiences of the people who did almost the same thing somehow were in your shoes earlier. Read them, ask them for advice.

Before going for any sight, you can find things, reviews anything that helps you gain a perspective. Zingylancer is also a great platform where you can search for part times jobs in Jaipur and work from home jobs, easily. This platform is absolutely free of cost to use and have numerous jobs available.

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