How to turn your summer job into a full time job?


Summers are that part of the year, which gives you much needed time to use and showcase your skills the right way. When most people use their free summertime to relax, the informed lot prefer to go out and get their hands dirty with the actual business.

If you’re passionate enough, this time can be easily utilized to earn a little extra on the side and at the same time increase your experience and skillset for your resume.

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A month of the summer has already passed, yes, at this point many employers have their holiday staff in place. But, there are still many seasonal jobs out there that need to be filled.

The first step is to decide what your dream summer job is, what job you’d fancy. It should be something which you look forward to going to work for. After all, you are devoting your quite a lot of fun time for the extra riches.

Figure out what your forte is.

Here is the list of some summer jobs which are both fun and rewarding:

summer jobs

1. Teaching – The most basic work with zero of your investment, except, of course, your time. Teaching little kids is a no brainer if you’re someone who can handle them. Otherwise, go for high schoolers. The pay as a tutor is good and you get to learn something yourself as well.

2. English Communication – If you have good command, teach people the art of good English communication. One can easily get an English tutor or translator job in India if you have good command on language.

3. Fast Food Joint –Fast food is a high growth industry and you can approach any Fast Food Joint and work there either as a server or cook whatever is your area.

4. Delivery – Join any Food Delivery Merchant like Zomato or Swiggy and start delivering food.

Also, you can contact any courier agency and deliver parcels. These are the best easy to get seasonal work to earn some extra money.

5. Fitness instructor – If you are a fitness enthusiast and have good knowledge about nutrition, you can join any good gym and work as an instructor or as a helper there.

There are some good platforms where you can easily search for best summer jobs and Zingylancer is one of them, by putting different filters like job title, location, category, etc, you can grab a perfect job for your summer holidays.

Tips to get a summer Job

summer Job - Zingylancer

– Apply at the earliest

Most jobs get filled as soon as the vacancy arrives, so make sure you are active and you’re applying on the go. A good opportunity doesn’t wait for someone.

– Positive attitude

We know its summer holidays and maybe all you wanna do is Netflix and Chill but if you’ve got a job take it seriously and complete it with a positive attitude and dedication.

– Updated Social Media

Believe it or not, recruiters do check your social media presence before hiring these days, so make sure it’s professional enough.

– References

Gather your personal references. It’s a great way of showing your employer why you would be a great asset to their team.

You can get references from various sources a family member or a friend who you have worked for, any past employer, any professor who can vouch for your skills and moral values.

Be sure to ask your reference giver before time, if you can even use them for reference.

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But what if you’re not looking for a temporary summer job?

Don’t worry, a summer jobs is just a stepping stone. If you make a good impression there’s a good chance it could become a permanent position.

If you need something which is more stable than seasonal employment, don’t stop yourself. This is the platform where you can show what you have got, your ability of the employer and that they’d be stupid to let you go.

The majority of employers hope to keep their seasonal employees on staff after the holidays are over. So if you show up on time, do a good job and express interest, there’s a very good chance your part-time job will turn into a permanent position.

Turning your seasonal summer job into a permanent one :

Seasonal Summer Jobs

  • If you want to stay at a job after the holidays, tell your employer at the beginning. Convey to your hiring manager that you’re interested in staying on even after the holidays are over, that you’re looking and hoping for a permanent position with them. This shows your expectations and motivation with regard to the said company.
  • Be available to work on the needed schedule and commit yourself to work for the entire season.
  • Flexibility is the one trait that employers look at every candidate. They expect you to be flexible with the tasks and roles you are assigned and anything else you’re willing to take on too. It will help you to stand out from the herd.
  • Make connections. It goes without saying that making good connections on the job really helps you out and pay off in your future.
  • Show off a good vibe. People want to work with people who are cheerful and upbeat and who will treat their customers with respect and enthusiasm.

In the end, try your best and keep in mind that anything and everything gives you the greatest gift of learning if nothing else.

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Hoping to see you employed!