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Zingylancer offers you vacation jobs in any part of the world. No long term commitments. Apply. Work. Get paid.

It's really, really easy to apply for jobs. Really.

It's easy—it only takes a few minutes.

You register your profile with Zingylancer. Search for your vacation job you like by using the filter . Read the job description carefully and Click Apply.

Fill in your details with a nice cover letter (increases the chances of getting selected). You're all set to go. Yes, it's that simple!

What happens after you apply?

You can track your job status on your dashboard. The process is all easy. The recruiter receives your application. Review it and changes the status of your applied job or contact you.


We Review Your Application


You Meet Your Recruiter


You Start Your New Job

Frequently Asked Question’s

Here are quick FAQ that comes in mind to users and employers. If you still have any query or question then you can contact us.

How Zingylancer works for Employer?

After Login/Signup, The employers can post the hot jobs. Once the candidates start applying, they will be able to see the list of applicants on their dashboard. Then, they can pick the favorite out of various candidates and start their communication.

The employers can hire the candidate on hourly or fixed price basis and pay directly.

How Zingylancer works for Candidates?

After Login/Register with Zingylancer, browse the relevant jobs at varied locations. You can either toggle between Industry and Location feature or can directly search the desired job by entering the job name. After filtering, the list of all the relevant jobs will be displayed.

Apply for the best out of all, or apply for more, Zingylancer doesn't limit you to number of job you apply to.

Now, you can track the job status on your dashboard. The recruiter will contact you if you fit in their criteria. Meanwhile, you can also contact the recruiter by writing a mail to them.

Do I have to pay to work with Zingy?

Absolutely not! Zingy asks zero penny to use its services. The platform is absolutely free to use for both Candidates and Recruiters.

As a job seeker, working with us won't cost you a thing. If we find you a great job, it still will be free.

From recruiters, we ask no commission or fees of any sorts. If you hire a candidate, all you have to pay is to the candidate for his/her services. Everything we do is completely free for you.

Not able to hire a single candidate. What do I do?

Zingylancer gives no guarantee of hiring(because hiring is a contract between an employer and candidate). Zingy assures you to deliver the leads. It's in your hands to convert those leads to your benefit.

Few tips on better hiring:

  1. Offer Market Standard Salary. Try to keep the reduced salary bracket gap. Ex- Instead of keeping the salary range (5000-10000). Try to keep it (8000-10000). The candidates are interested to know the minimum salary.
  2. Mention Full Address in Job. This build confidence in candidates about authenticity.
  3. Mention Job Description properly In brief and detail.
  4. Build confidence in them and tell them how your Company/ Job is best for them.

Zingylancer does any background verification of the candidate?

Nope! Zingy is an open platform. We do not do verification of Users.

However, we suggest you to ask for Identity proof from the candidate after hiring.

Have applied to many jobs but I am not getting any interview call. What do i do?

There can be several reasons behind it.

The primary reason of not getting hired is not writing the cover letter. Cover letter increases 50% chances of getting an interview call. While writing a cover letter, make sure you highlight your skills and tell them why you would be the best candidate for the job.

Another reason could be the salary bracket. Sometimes, the salary you requesting maybe out of the company's budget for the job.

You can apply on hourly basis. This way the company won't hesitate to hire you as it will be affordable and they'd be able to see your skills and build trust in you.

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