10 Job Interview Tips to Get Part Time Jobs


Getting a part time job is an art in itself. In a population consisting of 1.3 billion, it is hard to be the part of the employed chunk. The race is always going on.

The progressive and informed youth of the country had now started taking the wise decision of seeing the part time jobs as a good and an alternate source of earning and learning. And why not, when these part time jobs provide you with greater flexibility and the option to work on demand. People are choosing to work time alongside their full-time regular jobs just for that extra slice of bread.

But like I said, in a population of 1.3 billion, it is not easy to get the best job you desire in the time frame you have.

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So what can be done to speed up the process and ensure that you land that perfect part-time job?

For every job, one needs to appear for an interview which makes or breaks the game. It is that first step of the ladder which lands you to your success.

Here are some super tips to improve the performance of your interviews and help you attain your goals. Do read ahead.

1. Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover Letter

The first step to applying for the job is to ace the resume. Prepare a power-packed resume which should contain all the details about your professional and academic life but in a concise manner. Do not go all out with the personal details. Minimalism is the key. Remember that they don’t wanna know you, but about you.

Keep in mind the difference.

Now I often see people applying to jobs without cover letters. If you are one of the people, pay attention. The cover letter is nothing but a medium to convey whatever you have written in your resume and more in an informal way. Tell them about your skills, experiences, passions, and hobbies here.

A good cover letter is a must while applying to any job. It gives an idea to the employer about things in your life, your personality which you can’t convey through a resume.

An honest resume and cover letter is your arsenal which is to be used to gain an edge over competitors.

2. Research about the Company

Research about the Company

It is always advisable to get informed about the company you’ll be interviewing for beforehand. Make sure to check the company’s website and get details about its composition, structure, and culture. Read all the latest news about its business. See what industry it comes under, how responsible is the company towards society and the environment. Paying attention to these nitty-gritties will take you a long way.

A candidate is expected to enter into a conversation with the interviewer and not just answer questions.

Here is a little something extra for you – Try and find out (if you can) who the interviewers are, get the names and designation, make use of the good old internet and search those people, get yourself acquainted with their online persona. Pick out stuff about them that’ll be helpful for you during the interview like on what profile they have worked before, how long have they been associated with the company, etc.

Again, the extra edge.

3. Practice Communication

Practice Communication

Now an interview is all about communicating yourself to the employer- through words as well as gestures.

Research some interview questions and recite their answers a couple of times to get an idea about the process. This will help you polish your skills and techniques.

It has been rightly said that first impressions are last impressions. Practice good nonverbal communication. Make sure to stand straight and make eye contact, work on your posture and know how to pose your hand, leg, and back.

4. Browse questions for the job seeker

At some point or another in an interview, you’ll be asked: “Do you any questions for us?” DO NOT SAY NO. It’s very crucial that you come up with some insightful and meaningful questions when asked. It shows that you have an active interest in what goes on in the company.

5. Take your time in answering the questions

It is not expected of you to blurt out whatever comes to mind when a question is asked of you. A question is not a gun.

Take your time to come up with thoughtful, considerate and smart responses. If there is a behavioral interview question, it is pertinent that an answer is devised to talk about your skills.

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6. Appropriate Language

Appropriate Language

The interview is to be conducted in the language that is professionally and apt. Be wary of any slangs and stay neutral while giving any reference to age, religion politics and sexual orientation.

7. Positive attitude

There’s a very thin line difference between confidence and overconfidence. Don’t put up a performance and be as real as you can get. It really shows when you’re trying too hard.

Be cool and calm and don’t look or act desperate. Most of the part time jobs or vacation jobs only require a positive attitude and confidence.

8. Good listener

An interview is all about passing and sharing information. If you’re not listening you’re probably missing something major.

Good communication includes hearing what has been said.

At the same time refrain from sharing too much. You don’t want to tell the person more than what he needs to know. Do not ramble gibberish. Be prepared and match the energy and enthusiasm of the interviewer.

9. Practice Interview

Practice Interview

To be sure you’re ready, carry out a practice interview. Ask your friends and family to set up a mock interview for you to refine your technique and receive feedback on what you’re doing wrong.


10. Dress for the part.

Set your attire, keeping in mind the culture of the company and the position you’re seeking. Be really polished and well-groomed. I don’t need to tell you the basics – take a shower.

Always remember that an interview is all about the experience. You never come out of the room empty-handed.

Be patient and persistent and you’ll achieve the heights you desire. Find more Holiday jobs available on our website.

Happy Job Hunting!